European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank (EIB), as a bank of the European Union, established in 1985, is the biggest worldwide multilateral creditor and issuer with a total portfolio of granted credits in amount of 71,7 billion EUR.

The EIB investments made in the Moldovan economy amounted to approximately 586 million EUR at the end of 2014, including projects related to the road rehabilitation and public road infrastructure modernisation, financing of development and energy efficiency projects of the SMEs and the public sector, as well as of projects of the local companies in the wine and horticulture sector.

The partnership between Mobiasbanca and EIB has been initiated in 2010 when the first financing agreement for a credit line in amount of 20 million EUR was signed. Mobiasbanca was the first Moldovan banking institution with whom EIB signed such a contract. At the end of 2013, the cooperation was strengthened by the signing of a new contract based on the same amount.

The EIB Program, jointly implemented with Mobiasbanca, provides the economic agents from various economic sectors with long-term financial support (up to 10 years). 

The EIB’s contribution to the country’s economy was also materialized in the implementation of the Wine Sector Restructuring Program and the provision of a credit facility in amount of 75 million EUR aimed at financing the investments of the Moldovan companies in this sector, to which Mobiasbanca adhered in 2011. In 2014, EIB offered to the Moldovan Government a financial support amounting to 120 million EUR for the implementation of the ”Livada Moldovei” program. Mobiasbanca has been approved as a Financial Institution Participant to this project.