MOBIAS Leasing

Mobias Leasing – a special financial solution that allows acquiring of modern, high-performance equipment and means of conveyances, with minimum formalities (reduced financial documentation) and no additional collateral besides the leased object. In other words, you can use the goods you want before you become the owner without having to resort to a pledge loan for it.

  • Currency: MDL, USD, EUR;
  • Purpose: financing the acquisition of fixed assets;
  • Period: from 12 to 60 months;
  • Down payment (advance): min. 20% of the acquisition price;
  • Repayments: equal monthly installments;
  • Collateral: without pledged collateral;
  • Insurance: mandatory, against all risks, at a company, agreed by Mobiasbanca.

The Mobias Leasing program is the optimal solution for many immediate needs that companies have. Any of the equipment, tools, or transport units that the company needs now can be obtained in the shortest term, and paying becomes easier even when compared to a classic credit alternative. It’s not necessary anymore to have the full amount of money from the start or apply to get it by means like the classic credit, especially if you do not have a proper pledge, enough value to get you a good credit. In essence, compared to a classic credit, companies choose leasing to escape some impediments in favor of obvious advantages.

In the case of a usual credit, the company's financial plan plays a major role in the bank’s decision to offer the credit, you have to present data and detailed information about the company's revenue and activity, in other words – the whole financial performance of the company. Also, many documents are required to certify this performance, which is not absolutely necessary in the case of the leasing option. Actually, the leasing option is more flexible when it comes to consumer needs.

The amount of money a non-pledged credit can give you may not cover the price of the desired goods, but the need for a pledge falls out in the case of a lease. Thus, the cost of the desired goods is no longer an impediment, because you don’t have to worry about any pledge. The guarantee of the lease is made by pledging the object of the leasing itself and issuing a promissory note.

The leasing period is longer than most of the usual lending periods, which is a clear additional advantage. A longer period allows a lighter payment scheme.


  • No additional collateral is required, besides the leased asset;
  • Less rigid requirements for financial standing as compared with classic credit financing;
  • Minimum formalities (fewer documents compared with a regular credit product);
  • Competitive interest rate for MDL, EUR, and USD based on the down payment and tenor of the leasing contract.

Leasing calculator

Based on the acquisition price, down payment and tenor of the leasing contract, it is possible to estimate the monthly leasing rate. This will allow you to form a preventive idea about the process of acquiring the goods you want through the leasing program and plan your budget management as efficiently as possible for that period.

The presented payment schedule is approximate and is not a Mobiasbanca’s obligation to finance the asset.