World Bank Moldova

The World Bank represents an international financial institution that aims at improving the competitiveness of the developing countries by supporting the sustainable economic growth.

The World Bank Group is composed of specialised institutions from various fields of activity, including the International Development Association (IDA) to which the Republic of Moldova adhered in 1994 and whose objective is to support the transition economies by granting loans in the form of credits and grants.

The credit component of the Competitiveness Enhancement Project (CEP II) is oriented towards providing financial assistance to the Moldovan exporting companies. The RURAL INVESTMENT AND SERVICES PROJECTS – RISP I and RISP II are allocating financial resources intended to finance investments in agriculture and industry in the entire geographical space of the Republic of Moldova. Due to its involvement in these programs, Mobiasbanca financed and supported projects involving mainly exporting businesses in amount of 60 million MDL in various sectors of the national economy.