Correspondent banks

Currency  Name of the correspondent bank Country  SWIFT Supplementary compulsory information  to be indicated in payment orders
Correspondent account number BIC Account with the Central Bank of Russia ИНН
CAD Societe Generale France SOGEFRPPXXX        
CHF Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG Switzerland CRESCHZZ80A        
EUR Societe Generale France SOGEFRPPXXX        
Commerzbank AG Germany COBADEFFXXX        
OTP Bank Nyrt Hungary OTPVHUHBXXX        
GBP Lloyds Bank Plc United Kingdom LOYDGB2LXXX        
JPY Societe Generale  France SOGEFRPPXXX        
RON „BRD – Groupe Societe Generale" S.A. Romania BRDEROBUXXX        
RON OTP Bank România Romania OTPVROBUXXX        
RUB PJSC ROSBANK Russia RSBNRUMMXXX 30111810000000022143 044525256 30101810000000000256 7730060164
PJSC Sberbank SABRRUMM012 30111810700000000306 044525225 30101810400000000225 7707083893
JSC “OTP Bank”  OTPVRUMMXXX 30111810100000000067 044525311 30101810000000000311 7708001614
SEK Societe Generale France SOGEFRPPXXX        
USD The Bank of New York Mellon USA IRVTUS3NXXX        

To view the requisites for transfer, please click the desired currency.

Individuals: MDL (only for bank cards)USDEURRUBGBPCADCHFRON.


For information about correspondent banks for settlements in other currencies please contact the bank’s branches.