Business cards

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With Business cards you have a modern mean of payment, that ensures the efficiency in control and management of your company’s expenditures.

MasterCard Business

currency: MDL, EUR

VISA Business

currency: MDL


What are your advantages with Business card from Mobiasbanca?

  • Savings

Unlike the ATMs where there may be a charge for cash withdrawal, when you pay with the VISA card from Mobiasbanca, the charge is always 0 MDL. Thus, your money is safe and you don’t waste time looking for an ATM.

  • Simplicity

Your company will have an increased degree of control by eliminating the risks of cash management, a simplified procedure of the professional expenses’ recording/tracking, as well no more cash advances associated to professional expenses will be required. Simpler and faster, therefore more efficient.

  • Flexibility

In addition to the permanent security of the financial resources on the card, you have access at any time to the funds in the account, cash withdrawals at any ATM or POS terminal, when you need cash. In addition, having business bank cards, it’s easier for your employees to present the advances reports.

  • Safety 

3D Secure is a free service attached to your card, which ensures online transactions with no worries, in conditions of maximal safety, thus protecting your economies at each processing stage. You can use bank cards for any types of online purchases, with the certainty that your resources are fully safe.

  • Extraoptions

With the Contactless* technology you can make payments up to 200 lei very rapidly with sellers that display the  or logo without having to enter the PIN code, just by bringing the card close to the terminal..



  • Minimum balance on the account – 0 MDL/EUR;
  • Card issuance – free of charge;
  • Validity – 3 years with automatic renewal;
  • Use within the country and abroad.



  • Payments for goods/services at merchants in the country and abroad;
  • Cash withdrawals at banks’ ATMs and bank units abroad or any other ATM;
  • Hotel room and plane ticket booking;
  • Internet payments;
  • Car rental abroad.


How to get a Business card from Mobiasbanca? Easy!

Legislative specifications:

  • Business Card operations should be performed by the Card Holder in strict accordance with the provisions of the applicable normative acts of the Republic of Moldova (Law on Foreign Exchange Regulation no 62-XVI of 21 March 2008, Regulation on Foreign Exchange Regulation on the territory of the Republic of Moldova of 13.01. 1994 - with subsequent amendment and supplement and Instruction regarding External Commitments No 185 of 13.07.2006).


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