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Business Cards represents a modern mean of payment, adapted to necessities and exigencies of legal entities, that assures the efficiency in control and management of your company’s expenditures Characteristics of the Business Card

  • Card’s currency – MDL and EUR
  • Card’s type – MasterCard Business
  • Minimum balance in the account – 0 lei/euro
  • Card’s issuing – free of charge
  • Validity – 3 years with automatic renewal


MobiasbancasterCard Business in MDL

MobiasbancasterCard Business in MDL is a practical and universal mean of payment that can be used in the country, as well as abroad. It represents a modern solution for companies which want to offer their employees a card for professional expenses, with a wide range of advantages.





MobiasbancasterCard Business in EURO

MobiasbancasterCard Business in EURO is is a comfortable and sure mean of payment for customers that have partnerships with companies from European space and for those which official business travels, especially in zones where euro is a reference currency.




Advantages of the Business Cards for your company

  • Simplification of the professional expenses’ recording/tracking procedure
  • No more cash advances associated to professional expenses
  • Increasing degree of control by eliminating the risks of cash management
  • Making employees more responsible

Advantages of the Business Cards for yours employees (cards’ holders)

  • A practical and comfortable payment mean in the country/abroad
  • Access at any time to the funds in the account
  • Facile tracking of the professional expenses
  • Simplified procedure of presenting advances reports
  • Risks’ reduction for cash holding and management in trips abroad

Business Card can be used for:

  • Payments for goods/services at merchants in the country and abroad
  • Cash withdrawals at Banks’ ATMs and front-offices, bank units abroad or any other ATM
  • Hotel room and plane ticket booking
  • Internet payments
  • Cars rent abroad

Pay attention to legislative stipulations:
Business Cards’ using submits to specific legislative restrictions that have to be taken into consideration when performing operations/transactions, as well as choosing a proper card, as follows:

  • Cash withdrawals abroad are allowed only up to 10.000 EUR/month or their equivalent in other currency
  • The card in EUR can be used in the country only if the account has been supplied with funds from received abroad partners’ transfers
  • In case the business card was supplied with purchased currency, these funds had to be used in accordance with the scope indicated on purchasing application in maximum 30 days after performing this operation
  • It is necessary to confirm the transactions provided through business cards by official documents

Choosing a proper card

Chose a proper business card from the proposed range taking into consideration following aspects:

  • Currency in which you obtain revenues
  • Where the card will be used (in country/abroad)

How to obtain the card


Optional services

In case you want to benefit from advantages of the Business Card, you may apply for Products’ Packages offered by the Bank. In this way, you will have the possibility to benefit of a wide range of baking products and services, as well as preferential tariffs for business card operation and other products included in the package.

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Useful documents:

Application for issue of a Business Card