Mobiasbanca employee

What is Mobiasbanca employer like?


We are a part of the international financial group – Société Générale, so the Group’s values that have been developing for more than 150 years are integrated, as well, in Mobiasbanca’s personality.


We know how much the confidence in the future matters, so we offer it to your family and you.


As soon as you want to climb your career ladder, we will offer you such an opportunity through our numerous professional development courses to be followed at the Training Centre.


You will have an amicable conversation with your supervisor every semester, in order to report what you managed to realise, what objectives you set and how you can be helped to achieve them. So you will know your advantages and performance level.

Healthy lifestyle

Your well-doing is what we want but a healthy lifestyle is our landmark. We give you a possibility to go for free to the gym we possess. We also give you a possibility to get engaged in social and volunteer events that support sports, active lifestyle, arts and culture. Moreover, we offer you the health insurance and a possibility to be medically examined for free on an annual basis.

Top employer

According to the results of the study ”The Best Companies Worth Working for” carried on by AXA Management Consulting in 2010, 2011, 2015 and 2016, Mobiasbanca is a top-ten largest company. There are assessed such criteria as: working conditions, development opportunities, wages and benefits, collaboration within the company, its structure and organisational goals.