Ordinary loans

Credits to legal entities are credits for companies, associations and foundations and other legally established organizations to fund investment or working capital.

The notion of classical credits implies traditional funding for a precise term and purpose, reimbursing in rates according to approved schedule, depending on company’s money circulation.

  • Currency: MDL, USD, EUR
  • Maximum term:

- 18/24 months - for working capital and current expenses;

- 60 months - for investments;

  • Credit amount: from 30 001 lei (or equivalent) up to 70% of the value of the collateral
  • Interest: Variable
  • Grace period: up to 6 months
  • Refund: according to the payment schedule approved and stipulated in the contract (constant payments (annuity), dsrescription payments (equal installments), flexible)
  • Guarantee: Mobile and /or fixed pledge, fiduciary, money transfer
  • Insurance: mandatory for the pledged estate and optional of the material property


  • Grace period
  • For investment financing, the loan can be granted by instalments according to your necessities. The interest will be calculated from the effective granted loan.
  • You have the possibility to contract a credit in amount up to 30 000 MDL without mortgage!

The optimal operation of a company is based mostly on the size of the working capital and the way the financial aspect of the business activity is managed. Additional financial resources are needed quite often: whether it is a start-up enterprise and an initial investment is needed, whether the enterprise is already working for a while and the time to expand has come, classical credits are an immediate solution for these problems.

Mobiasbanca meets the needs of companies, offering a rational, as quick as possible and optimal solution for multiple situations. Ordinary loans are specially designed to cover a wide range of customer requirements.

A good credit means a credit with balanced conditions, obvious advantages and flexibility in management. For customer convenience, credits may be offered in national currency (MDL) or foreign currency (USD, EUR). The maximum term of the credit depends on the purpose of the requested loan (for investments it’s longer than for current expenses, so that the company can have enough time to get some profit), same applies to the grace period. The value of classical credits depends on the customer’s needs and the value of the pledge, reimbursement can also be individually adjusted - with a customized graph, a favorable reimbursement scheme can be easily built.

For the maximum speed of document preparation and for informative purposes, below you have a complete list of documents required to get the classical credit. Dossiers can be filed at any Mobiasbanca branch during working hours.

All data required to complete the documents in the file are subject to legal and security terms. Mobiasbanca - OTP Group S.A. guarantees the confidentiality of personal data. Additional information can be obtained at any time by personally contacting any Mobiasbanca unit or by calling the Call Center service at 022 256-456. You can also send an email to info@mobiasbanca.md.

Useful documents:

The list of the documents to be attached to the case for credit granting