Current accounts

The first step to a successful partnership!

Mobiasbanca - OTP Group offers the right solution for every context or business requirement.
Open a current account at Mobiasbanca - OTP Group, in MDL or currency, and you will have immediate access to:

Remote opening accounts


Mobiasbanca gives you the autonomy and freedom you need, whether you are. 

Now, you can become a Mobiasbanca customer, remotely, in 3 easy steps:

1. Download the bank forms and the list of related documents according to the organizational form of the legal entity;
2. Fill in the downloaded forms electronically and prepare the necessary documents, according to the list;
3. Apply the electronic signature (the signature – authorized by Tax Authority) on each form and copy of document, and send them to the email address:


For more details, we encourage you to contact to the Support Service at (+373) 22 812 55

Useful documents:


Opening of accounts in bank units

The current accounts of your business can be opened in any of the Mobiasbanca - OTP Group units.
You're welcome!

Useful documents:

List of documents submitted to the Bank for opening the first account

Blank for account opening

Application for FCY exchange

Payment order in national currency for commercial payments/treasury payments (with IBAN codes only)
ATTENTION! it is strictly necessary to use the bank payment order with established fields dimensions

Payment order in foreign currency

Request for foreign currency deposit

Request for foreign currency withdrawal

Execution term of payment orders

Universal bank contract

Delegation for cash withdrawal in MDL

International Account Mangement Contract


The signature sheet