Call Center service – your bank at a phone call distance

Contactell service is an automated remote banking system, oriented for individuals – both clients and non-clients, allowing benefiting for a wide range of banking services through a phone call or to inform yourself regarding the general offer of Mobiasbanca, without the need to come to bank.


What are your advantages?

  • Time saving - you don’t need to come to the branch and stay in a queue;
  • Simplicity - for accessing the service it’s enough to follow the Virtual operator’s instructions;
  • Complete security and confidentiality:
    - The confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of service information is ensured by Login and individual Password use;
    - Access of the personalized information based only on Login and Password usage which are inserted directly from the phone keypad.

What are your solutions?

General functionalities for clients and non-clients Functionalities available only for bank’s clients*
  • obtain general information about offers on loans, deposits, cards, etc;
  • set a meeting with an adviser in the bank’s branch;
  • obtain confirmation of the transfers received through money transfer systems;
  • make a pre-analysis on the possibility of receiving a loan.


  • obtain information on products and services held;
  • report and lock the lost/stolen card;
  • request card unlocking;
  • request an account statement by e-mail;
  • request modification of personal data from bank’s database.

    *available only after signing the application for Contactell

How to activate the service?

  • Submit a subscription request form at the bank or at your company headquarters if it is a part of the Salary Convention;
  • Call the Contactell service and ask for connection with an operator which will subscribe you to the service.


How to access the service?

Once you have activated the service you will receive the Login and Password for accessing the information regarding your accounts.

How to navigate through the menu?

  • Call 022 256-456;
  • Select the communication language;
  • Select the required option:
    - access the personalized information;
    - lock/unlock the card;
    - information on exchange rates;
    - contact the operator.

Navigation guide through the Call Center service menu


Contactell service is available:

  • on the phone, including from abroad: (+373) 22 256 456 from whatever type phone;
  • at the e-mail address:;
  • 24 hours of 24, 7 days of 7.
Call Center service is offered to customers for FREE