Consumer loans

Current expenses financing – quick and easy!

If you need an amount of cash in short a time for financing of planned or unexpected expenses, then the loans for personal needs are for you.

Credit card

Credit card with a credit limit up to 50 000 MDL without bail.

Loans for goods/services

Buy now, pay later!

Whether you want to buy goods for longer use or to receive certain services, and you don't have enough money, you need a loan. And to be closer to you, Mobiasbanca concluded cooperation agreements with more than 300 companies specialized in the marketing of goods and services. 


Everyone dreams, makes his plans about his own dwelling, a space that, no matter the location, would become a place where one always returns with pleasure, to feel the protection and comfort that it offers and to call it "home”. 

Salary overdraft

If you are employed and want to have always a reserve of money to be used anytime you have such needs, the perfect solution is the salary overdraft.

Information on conditions for issuing credits for individuals

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Information on the conditions for the release of loans to individuals

Income statement

Request for credit

Credit Calculator

Our partners for procurement of goods and services

The bank is entitled to unilaterally change the interest rate, depending on National Bank of Moldova refinancing rate, on the inflation rate, on changes in the credit market, on banking market situation (credit products offer and demand on the market, the prices for the similar competitors’ products), under the condition to notify, in written form, the debtor and the guarantor, if any exists, not later than in 30 calendar days before the expected date of the new rate comes into force.

The amount of commissions and penalty interest shall be established according to the bank’s tariffs in force.