International transactions settlement

Payment order in foreign currency

Payment order in foreign currency is a simple and fast method of payment to fulfill your obligations for your business partners from abroad.

By using the SWIFT system your payment will reach its destination fast and safe.


  • An universal method of payment 
  • Favorable tariffs 
  • Safety due to the confirmation documents presented to the bank

Printable form of payment order in foreign currency USDEURRUBGBPCADCHFRON. For details click here.


Documentary collection

Documentary collection is a fast and secure method of settlement, which allows to perform your transactions with reliable partners, within long commercial relations.
The use of documentary collection is recommended under the following situations:

  • When the exporter know sufficiently well the importer 
  • When the country of the importer represents a low risk 
  • When the merchandise can be easily sold if the importer refuses to make the payment 
  • There are no other import restrictions, except the necessary licenses already obtained.

As the exporter, according to the contractual stipulations, initiate the operation by presenting to the bank the commercial documents, together with the clear instructions concerning the method of releasing the documents to the importer (after accepting/payment/other conditions).

As the importer, you have the possibility to verify the documents sent by the exporter, prior to perform the payment.

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