Electronic statements

What is an electronic statement?

This is the statement of current or card account with the use of the bank’s digital signature that is transmitted automatically to the client by email.

What advantages does it offer?

  • Time saving – it is transmitted automatically to your email address and you don’t need to queue up
  • Safety – the bank’s digital signature is used and the extract is secured with the protective password set by the client
  • Promptness – it is transmitted in the first working day of the following month / every day before 12:00
  • Convenience – it has legal value if it is used / presented to third parties (e.g. Tax Inspectorate) electronically
  • Completeness – the electronic statement  is sent with the confirmative documents relating to it (issued/received payment orders, exchange orders, etc.)
  • Saving – the electronic statement is issued FOR FREE


Who can benefit?

Legal Entities and authorized Individuals. 


How does it work?

You can set three email addresses to receive the electronic extracts for all the current/card accounts or for each account individually.

Technical requirements for using own email server

1. SPF is registered in the right way
2. The domain’s name and IP address of SMTP servers must not be presented in any global block list (spamcom, SORBS, etc.)
3. The domain’s name *@mobiasbanca.md is added the list of exceptions when checking messages content and attached files to it
4. It is insured the possibility to receive more messages in short time interval from the domain *@mobiasbanca.md. To companies which present a group of enterprises and cannot insure this kind of setting we recommend to establish the emails in uniform way according to accounts number
5. On the local server level it is insured the possibility to receive files of 10Mb size (the maximum size of the file which contains electronic statements sent by Mobiasbanca)


Find out more right now!

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Useful documents

Form for setting the electronic transmission of account statements