We support health with a special offer targeting medical employees.

What advantages are offered to you?

  • debit card Debit MasterCard – for free
  • credit card MobiasbancasterCard Standard NEOS  for free
  • internet-banking and sms-banking MobiasSMS – for free
  • automatic bill payment – for free
  • performance of scheduled payments – for free
  • +1% bonus interest rate for the amount available on the card account

Who may benefit from these offers?

Any eligible individual engaged in (public or private) medical sector. 

What solutions it offers?

Loans with the most advantageous interest rate

Higher interests on deposits
Discounts at banking services and operations  


*available only acceding to the MobiSanté products Package


Further information may be obtained at Mobiasbanca branches or by calling the Contactell  service 022 256-456 available 24/7.


The terms and conditions of the present offer are not exhaustive and are not binding on the CB „Mobiasbanca - OTP Group” S.A. The obligation of the bank is subject to: (a) – submission of complete and accurate documentation as requested by the bank; (b) – analysis of submitted documentation and obtaining of approvals in accordance with internal rules and standards of the bank.