ESCROW service

Safety and efficiency

ESCROW account is a special bank account opened on behalf of the Purchaser, intended for storage / preservation / freezing of funds (ESCROW amount) for payment of goods or services and the release of the ESCROW amount only under conditions of ESCROW Agreement.

ESCROW agreement is a tripartite contract between the Bank, the Purchaser and the Seller by stipulating conditions of the ESCROW Amount use.

Only the Bank has the right to manage the ESCROW account in strict accordance with the terms of the ESCROW Agreement.


The seller wishes to sell and Purchaser wishes to purchase a property (apartment, house, etc.).

In this case Mobiasbanca, at the customer request, opens a special ESCROW account on behalf of the Purchaser and signs the ESCROW Agreement in which are indicated all the afferent conditions of the transaction.

On this special ESCROW account, the Buyer deposits the amount of money, negotiated by Buyers and Seller and indicated in the ESCROW Agreement, which constitutes the price of real estate.

Once the deposit money is on this account, the account is blocked by Mobiasbanca and money is released under the following conditions:

  • The Seller – only if is submitted the confirmatory document that the real estate was registered by the Territorial Cadastral Office on behalf of the Purchaser and the ownership right of the real estate is on behalf of Purchaser.
  • The Buyer – only if the transaction was not completed for some reason.


  • The Seller is guaranteed with a cash receipt, within existing available funds in the ESCROW account and in case of fulfilling of the stipulated conditions in the ESCROW agreement.
  • The buyer is guaranteed with the recovery of all available means from the ESCROW account if the transaction is not completed for some reason.
  • You get professional legal assistance to the termination of ESCROW and/or commercial agreements.
  • You have the guarantee of using amounts strictly for the destination set.
  • You reduce to zero the risk of receiving counterfeit, payment being made by transfer from the ESCROW account in the current account of the Seller.

For more information, please contact your customer adviser or contact the nearest Mobiasbanca branch.