The first program dedicated to the health sector development in Moldova, for supporting public institutions, private companies with medical profile.

What are the advantages?

  • offers and products for the medical sector at special prices
  • financing solutions in advantageous conditions, created specifically for the business development in the medical field
  • professional advice from bank experts
  • the opportunity to develop a strategic partnership with the bank


Who can benefit?

Legal entities, freelancers working in the medical sector: large profile private clinics, dental clinics, retail and wholesale companies for pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, diagnostic centers, beauty and cosmetic clinics.

What are the solutions?

MobiSanté START

  • FREE account opening


MobiSanté INVEST

extend and develop your business under the most advantageous conditions


Investment Loan MobiasLeasing Trade Finance
  • investment loan from international funds
  • term of up to 10 years
  • the lowest interest rate


  • financial leasing for procurement of equipment, machinery (including transport means)
  • term up to 5 years
  • initial down payment of only 30%
  • the lowest interest rate for the medical sector
  • banking guarantees in MDL for participation in auctions and others
  • banking guarantees in EUR/USD for import transactions, etc.
  • discounts of up to 50% on commissions



benefit of more advantages within the offer for the medical sector 


Basic option Additional option
optimize the company's current activity simple and innovative solutions for the company's costs management
Pay just 4 EUR for monthly maintenance of current account and benefit absolutely FREE from following services:
  • MobiasSMS „50” – FREE during the first 6 months of service (mandatory in case of subscribing to Business Internet Banking service)
  • MobiasbancasterCard Business with discount of up to 50% on annual services commission 
  • discounts of up to 50% salary transfers within the Salary Projects with Mobiasbanca (optional service within the offer)



For more details please address to Mobiasbanca units or Contactell 022 256-456, available 24/24.


*Note: MobiSanté PERFORMANT offer is only valid for customers who benefitted of MobiSanté INVEST offer (Investment Loan, MobiasLeasing or Trade Finance). Discounts from MobiSanté PERFORMANT offer are applicable only for the new contracted products/services during the campaign period. 
Terms and conditions from the present offer are not exhaustive and do not imply any commitment from CB „Mobiasbanca – OTP Group S.A.” S.A. The bank’s obligation appears under the reserve of: (a) – presentation of the complete and true documentation upon bank request; (b) – analysis of the documentation provided and approval obtaining, according to the bank’s internal norms and standards.