Branch no. 32 Causeni has a new headquarter on the main artery of the city

13 Nov 2020

The development and transformation plans of Mobiasbanca OTP - Group are in full progress, advancing with relocation and refurbishment of branches in more comfortable locations with a new design, in line with OTP Group standards.

The Mobiasbanca - OTP Group customers from Causeni are welcomed in a new branch office, located on the main artery of the city, with a spacious operating room that offers customers not only comfort, but also with wished-for discretion.

The professional and dedicated team of seven people is ready to provide the full range of banking services: consulting and serving individuals and legal entities on the bank's products and services, opening deposits, granting loans, cash services, foreign exchange operations, money transfers and others. That means,  regardless of the needs and financial plans that people in the southeast of the country have, they will continue to benefit from professional services.

The branch started its activity in 2012, and on the occasion of the relocation and refurbishment of the headquarter according OTP Group style, an organized event gathered together the branch clients and the bank's management.

”We are present on the Moldova’s financial market with the intention to facilitate the provision of banking services at the highest quality level. This means that regardless of region, operation, transaction or financial status, every customer of Mobiasbanca - OTP Group matters. Relocation of branch no.32 "Causeni" is part of our effort to transform and improve services, to support local business and provide access to effective financial services for the people”, said László Diósi, the President of the Executive Committee - CEO, Mobiasbanca - OTP Group.