Mobiasbanca Leasing Center - your ally for a successful business

09 Dec 2020
In its years of activity, Mobiasbanca - OTP Group has learned solid knowledge for business development and treats every customer with great responsibility.
The leasing product within Mobiasbanca - OTP Group has evolved in a balanced and natural rhythm. Today's result is the Leasing Center. On launch day, it comes with 5 years of experience behind it and a portfolio that is among the Top-3 players on the national leasing market.
Thus, Mobiasbanca customers benefit from a specialized service counter, with a well-trained and professional team, which has the role of direct and active support, from the initiation of customer relations - to the full execution of leasing contracts.
Within the Leasing Center, the bank offers well-defined solutions for the segment of legal entities, including:
• Support in the relationship with the supplier;
• Financing large projects;
• Financing from international resources with facilities (tax / customs exemptions and grants).
„The development of the leasing product is due to the specific requests of the clients from the business segment. The product has gained the interest of the business environment over time and has become a separate financial service. Mobiasbanca - OTP Group intends to launch new partnerships, so that the product comes to the attention of all consumers, not just the corporate segment. ” says Victoria Botnari, Head of the Leasing Center.
On the occasion of the opening of the Mobiasbanca Leasing Center - OTP Group, the first 20 customers who will request leasing financing, will be able to benefit from a 0% granting commission. More details here.
The Leasing Center is located inside the bank's headquarters, on the ground floor. Here, customers can ask any questions regarding the conditions of leasing financing and can benefit from support in carrying out the existing contract. The center team is available to customers at no. by phone: 022 812 588 or by email: