The northern region in the viewfinder of regional development

15 Dec 2020
In Soroca, the Mobiasbanca - OTP Group branch was relocated. Now, the bank's customers in the region can benefit from efficient banking services right in the city center, at 8 Alexandru cel Bun Street.
The branch is part of the NORD Regional Structure, in which a responsible team is prepared to support customers according to their financial needs. The team consists of:
- A legal adviser,
- Two individual counselors,
- A universal counselor,
- Two universal counter operators,
- Branch director.
"The opening of this headquarters marks the strategic importance and commitment of Mobiasbanca to the economic development of the region. We want to be a reliable partner and develop lasting relationships with customers, being recognized for supporting entrepreneurial initiatives and local government projects. ” mentioned Mr. Serghei Revenco, Branch Director.
Within the branch, the full range of services offered by the bank is provided, including: opening deposits, granting loans to individuals and legal entities, providing cashing services to legal entities and individuals, foreign exchange operations, providing services related to credit transfer, providing services related to money transfers, consulting customers.
The honor to cut the inaugural green ribbon went to Mr. László Diósi, Chairman of the Executive Committee - CEO, accompanied by Mr. Petru Delinschi, Commercial Director of Retail Banking and Maria Bologan, Head of Retail Management and Monitoring Department.
The mayor of Soroca, Mrs. Lilia Pilipețchi, welcomed the opening of the new headquarters and encouraged the team to face the challenges ahead.
The branch started its activity in 2011. From November 9, 2020, it was relocated to a much more spacious location, the priority being given to the accessibility and comfort of customers.