Term deposits

Interest rates on deposits

  • Provides financial reserves for contingencies
  • Protected savings


Currency: MDL, EUR, USD

Duration: 30-1095

Deposit amount:

  • initial deposit 500 MDL / 100 USD / 100 EUR — depending on the type of deposit.

Interest: fixed and floating

Interest calculation is performed proceeding from the actual balance in the account, with or without cap.

For term deposits with monthly payment of interest, and without capitalization, it is possible to transfer the interest to a card. For this it is necessary to fulfill a form at the subdivision where the account is opened.

Permitted Operations during the deposit period: cash deposits, depending on the type of deposit.

Availability - immediate, at any Mobiasbanca agency.

Required documents:

  • identity document (ID, passport)

If the account opened by a person entitled to the documents mentioned above shall be submitted:

  • Notarized copy of identification document of account holder,
  • Notarized act of the person certifying the powers to open the account, savings account and other documents for opening of bank accounts;


  • Safety: means the deposit account are secured within the ceiling set by the Deposit Guarantee Fund
  • Accessibility: the minimum balance is only MDL 500, 100 EUR, 100 USD - depending on the type of deposit.
  • Profitability: Interest paid on investments/deposits is competitive on banking market. Fixed interest rate protects the financial market fluctuations.
  • Convenience: If the client does not want that deadline to close the deposit with variable interest, the deposit is automatically renewed.


Deposit account may be opened at any unit of Mobiasbanca.