AGRO 2022 spring campaign

AGRO 2022 spring campaign

Credit Darnic from OTP Bank brings as a gift a Dacia Duster car and valuable prizes for the agricultural business. 

Spring starts not only from agricultural works but also from the coolest offers from OTP Bank!

Get an agricultural credit till 17 June 2022 and have a chance to win in the lottery: Dacia Duster vehicle or a valuable prize, which are offered by our partners Sanctum AG and Wetrade.

A good credit is known by business

OTP Bank and #Agrofabrica will always provide you with professional counselling and advantageous solutions, which are adapted to the rhythm and goals of your agricultural business:

  • Current activities: soil preparation, fertilisation and treatment, purchase of raw materials, and so on,
  • Business development: purchase of equipment and agricultural machinery/land plots, investments into storage areas, refrigerating chambers, and so on,
  • Purchase of agricultural land plots in the amount up to 100% of the purchase value.


Moreover, you can benefit from the following, with #Agrofabrica:

  • Financing up to 2 million MDL*, with the future harvest as a pledge,
  • ZERO commission fee** for credit granting and pre-term repayment,
  • Quick processes: examination of the application within a maxim of 1 business day and credit granting within a maxim of 5 business days,
  • Cashback – 100% compensation of the interest paid for that part of the credit, which was used for payment of a premium for insurance of the future harvest as a pledge,
  • Grace period for the capital, as correlated with the seasonal nature of the payments,
  • Access to the programmes of financing from the resources of the international financial organisations, with numerous allowances (part of the GRANT, tax breaks, and so on),
  • Access to the network of the Bank’s partners and suppliers of high-performance agricultural solutions.


If you want to manage the everyday operations of your business in an easy and smooth way, we offer basic current servicing pack, which is created for such reasonable agrarians as you.

You will get a service pack with everything you need only for 4.99 EUR per month, including:

  • Current MDL and foreign-currency accounts,
  • OTP Internet și Mobile Banking Application,
  • Visa Business cards for national and international use,
  • MDL payments to other Bank’s clients via OTP Internet și Mobile Banking Application,
  • Salary transfers for your employees,
  • Currency conversion operations.


The financing and current servicing offer is subject to certain terms and conditions that may be found out by contacting the Bank’s counsellors. The campaign will be carried on 17 June 2022, and the Official Regulation may be found here.

*For financing the current activities.
**Not applicable for financing from the resources of international financial organisations

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