Banking safes are a confident and accessible solution of keeping material values and documents. 


Renting a banking safe customer establishes together with the bank:

  1. The period for which banking safe is renting 
  2. The possibility of inventory making 
  3. The size of banking safe cell



  • Safety: the material values and documents are safe. (Safes are in special room equipped with modern security systems, inclusively anti-incendiary system. Each safe can be opened simultaneously only with two keys (your key and one of the authorized bank employees).
  • Accessibility and flexibility: during the flexible work program you will have full access to kept goods from the bank, any time you need it. The access is allowed only for you and for authorized by you persons (by presentations of proxy for using boxes from treasury, notary authorized).
  • Confidentiality: Only you will know what values objects are kept in the safe. In case of keeping of money in the safe, at your desire, can be made a list of declared cash (on the banking employee in charge sight), that represents an additional tool of insurance of integrity of safe’s content. The bank is responsible for declared amount.


The list of the units that offer the safekeeping service

Tariffs for individuals