OTP Mobile Banking

Everything is protected by your identity

by using Face / Touch ID biometrics

Personal and business accounts

in one app

Mobility and unlimited access

see how much money you have anytime and anywhere

OTP Mobile Banking

Now it's easier to take care of your money and your business, because you have all your accounts in one application! Yes, you got it right, you can manage your personal and business profile in one mobile application, available for free for Android and iOS devices.

With OTP Mobile Banking you have access to bank accounts at any time, from anywhere in the world and in complete safety, directly from your smartphone.

What you can do in OTP Mobile Banking:

- you can view your account balance in real time and download your transaction history / details for free and whenever you need
- you can search for the operations performed, according to the available search criteria
- see updated exchange rates per minute
- view information about bank cards and transactions
- see information on existing loans
- communicate with the bank by secure messaging or Chat
- you can call the support service, anytime and in any circumstance
- quickly find the nearest Branch or ATM, using the map
- benefit from increased security in authentication by using biometrics (Face ID/Touch ID)
- make free transfers, in MDL or foreign currency, between personal accounts opened at the bank
- make transfers to national beneficiaries, who have accounts opened with Mobiasbanca - OTP Group or any other bank in the country, by simply entering the name of the Beneficiary to whom you have made transactions and at much lower costs compared to P2P services (from card to card)
- make international transfers in foreign currency, by simply entering the name of the Beneficiary to whom you have made transactions
- open online savings or deposit accounts
- pay bills for utilities and telecommunications services in one click and set scheduled (automated) payments for service providers and other payments, and thus get rid of the worry of manual payments
- set scheduled payments to fund your savings accounts or credit cards issued by the Bank
- make cash payments quickly and easily
- create and manage payment and / or transfer templates / patterns as you wish
- make currency exchanges even moving, in just a few seconds
- benefit from increased security in authentication and authorization of transactions, using biometrics (Face ID/Touch ID)

How to open an account in OTP Mobile Banking if you are a customer?

How to set up an account in OTP Mobile Banking?

You will need:

- 13-digit Personal Identification Number - IDNP (from your ID card)
- Access to the e-mail address you provided to the bank
- Access to the mobile phone number (national operator)

What should you do?

1. Download the mobile app, available for free on Google Play or AppStore.
2. Open the app and access the OTP Mobile Banking module
3. Enter your Personal Identification Code
4. Select your date of birth - Check that you agree to the Terms and Conditions
5. Follow the instructions in the email
6. Enter the unique verification code received by sms
7. Create your access code (6 digits)
8. Activate biometric authentication (Face/Touch ID) for convenience and more security

See the tutorials on Youtube

You can also activate the service in any of the Bank's branches or by calling the Call Center at +373 22 256 456 (make sure first of all that the personal data provided to the Bank has been updated, including your email address, national mobile phone number and the secret identification password you know).

How to activate OTP Internet and Mobile Banking if you are not a customer?

Not our customer yet?

Not our customer yet?
Don't hesitate! Discover the advantages of OTP Internet and Mobile Banking. Come to any of our branches and our advisors will give you all the information you need.

How to pay bills in OTP Mobile Banking?

How to pay bills in OTP Mobile Banking?

1. Select the "Bill payments" menu
2. Press the button to add a new invoice
3. Select the supplier from the list or use the search option
4. Enter identification data (see model invoice)
5. Enter meter readings
6. Select the account from which the payment will be made
7. The amount to be paid will appear as normal
8. Tick "Add to favorites" to save the template and receive monthly bills
9. Select 'Pay automatically' to pay your bills on the date and in the amount you specify
10. Verify all data and authorize payment using your access code or biometrics

Congratulations! You have successfully paid!

See the tutorials on Youtube