Unsecured loans for legal entities

Covers personal expenses

not nominated

Up to 200 000 MDL


Up to 60 months

repayment period

There are times when you fulfill everyone's wishes, but also times when you have to take care of your passions. With an unsecured personal loan, it's much easier to get money for your personal projects, without collateral and without having to justify your spending.

Your advantages

  • Covers personal, unallocated expenses;
  • You can get up to 200 000 MDL;
  • Funding period of up to 60 months;
  • You get 0 (ZERO) % grant fee;
  • You can refinance loans taken out with other financial institutions on favourable terms.

Potential beneficiaries

  • Authorised natural persons (individual/associated offices of lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, legal experts, interpreters, translation offices, individual/associated mediation offices);
  • Owners of a legal entities/beneficiaries who declares as a partial or total source of reimbursement income from entrepreneurial activity.