Current accounts in MDL

For fast and efficient daily operations

Non-stop access

 to your funds

Fast and efficient

day-to-day operations

Increased flexibility

in use

The current account offers you comfort and flexibility in the management of banking operations, both through the bank's counters and remotely, through OTP Internet and Mobile Banking. Attach a debit card to your current account and use the money for payments, purchases or cash withdrawals wherever you are, in the country or abroad.

Your advantages

  • You have unlimited access to your own funds in your account
  • Through a current account you can make national and international payments and transfers, deposit and withdraw cash, collect salaries, transfers or other income,
  • You have increased flexibility in use by attaching a debit card to your account
  • You can open and replenish the savings accounts in MDL or foreign currency, directly from the current account
  • If you receive your salary on a card issued by the bank, you can request a salary overdraft, so that you always have a reserve of money at hand

Eligibility criteria
  • Resident and non-resident individuals
Required documents

ÎIn case of opening the current account by the holder:

  • Account opening request
  • Identity card


In case of opening the current account by an authorized person:

  • The document or the notarized copy of the document, attesting the person's powers to open the account
  • Copy of the identity document of the account holder.
How can you open a current account?
  • Come to any branch with the original identity card
  • Leave us your details, filling in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible
  • Call the Call Center on +373 22 256 456 to request an appointment with a bank advisor

Information on the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals

Deposits of individuals are guaranteed up to the coverage level of 100 000 lei.