Mortgage loans in MDL

with zero file analysis and monthly maintenance fees

From 7.4% annually

floating interest rate

ZERO fees

for file analysis and monthly maintenance

Financing up to 90%

of the purchase price of the property*

Regardless of the season, you feel the happier in YOUR HOUSE. Regardless of the season, we are here to support you, in perhaps one of the most important projects of your life - the purchase of a house.

Get now a mortgage loan and get rid of the burden of rents or opt for refinancing on advantageous terms of real estate loans contracted from other financial institutions.

Your advantages

  • You can finance up to 90% of the value of the property, in the case of additional real estate guarantees
  • You have a repayment term of up to 25 years
  • You benefit from a grace period of up to 12 months
  • You have ZERO file analysis fee
  • You have ZERO monthly maintenance fee
  • You have ZERO currency risk
  • You get a debit card for free
  • You benefit free of charge from the services offered by the Mortgage Center
  • You can refinance advantageously, the loans you have to other financial institutions
  • For a safer and calmer future, you can apply for the Property Insurance policy


Standard Offer

Credit amount 50000 5000000
Period 12 Months 300 Months

Real estate loans in MDL

The accuracy of this calculator`s data and its applicability to your particular case is not guaranteed. For accurate information and a personalised calculation, please visit any branch of the bank.

Monthly payment

4350.8 MDL

Interest rate

7.9 %

Effective annual interest rate

8.15 %

Representative calculation example: for a loan amounting to 650 000 lei, with a term of 300 months, with a floating annual interest rate for the entire loan period of 7.9%, with 0% granting fee and 0% monthly management fee, the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is 8.20%.

How can you apply for a credit?

Come into any Branch or the Mortgage Center with the necessary paperwork and we will start the process.

Eligibility criteria
  • You are a citizen of the Republic of Moldova and have a residence visa in the Republic of Moldova
  • You are officially employed in the Republic of Moldova and you have at least 6 months of activity with your current employer
Accepted income
  • Income from salaries
  • Cumulative income of family members (spouse)
  • Other income that is permanent and can be confirmed
  • The pledge of the real estate that is the object of the sale and purchase agreement
  • Pledge of another property owned
  • Pledge of bank deposits
Required documents