Individuals safes

Increased security

 through restricted access

Privacy of Operations


Reduced risk

of loss of property

The safety-deposit boxes are located in specially designed rooms, equipped with modern security systems, including fire fighting. Each box has two separate keys and can only be opened by using them simultaneously. One of the keys will be handed to you at the conclusion of the lease, and the other will be kept by the authorized bank worker.

In safe boxes you can keep goods such as:

  • securities, papers and valuables
  • jewelry made of metals and precious stones
  • antiques
  • objects without determined value
  • other objects

Your advantages

  • Security of goods and documents, thanks to modern security systems
  • Ensuring the integrity of the contents of the securities, in case of their declaration
  • Full access to stored property, including for empowered persons
  • The confidentiality of operations is guaranteed
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Boxes of different sizes