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In the attention of OTP Bank customers

In the attention of OTP Bank customers

Dear customers,

In the context of the bank's renaming in OTP Bank S.A. and an ample rebranding process, we inform you about the updating of bank data, important to be indicated at the initiation of transfers in foreign currency in favor of the bank's customers.

Name: OTP Bank S.A.
IDNO: 1002600006089

Updated bank details for foreign currency payments can be found on the bank's website:

  1. About the bank → About us → Correspondent Banks
  2. Individuals → Current operations→ International Transfers
  3. Legal entities → Current activity → International transfers → Foreign currency transfers

To avoid the delays, please notify your partners of the use of updated bank details at the initiation of foreign currency payments to OTP Bank S.A. customers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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