Visa Classic Debit

Card in MDL, USD and EUR for shopping anywhere in the world and online, conveniently and without commissions

Fast and secure payments

anywhere in the world

ZERO fees

for non-cash transactions

Non-stop access to funds

with OTP Internet and Mobile Banking

Your advantages

  • You pay quickly, with a simple touch, thanks to the Contactless technology
  • You shop anywhere in the world, including the Internet, without commissions
  • Enjoy online safety with the 3D Secure service
  • You can add funds to the card easily and quickly, at any CASH-IN ATM of the bank
  • You can withdraw cash at ATMs in the country or abroad
  • You have non-stop access to OTP Internet and Mobile Banking operations
  • You receive SMS alerts for each operation performed, if you opt for a SMS Banking subscription
  • You collect interest from deposits in MDL, directly on the card (on request)
  • You can request additional cards, with access and trading limits, for your family members

  • Card type: Visa debit
  • Currency: MDL, USD, EUR
  • Technology: EVM (built-in chip) and Contactless
  • Period of validity: 5 years, with automatic renewal
Required documents
  • Identity card (in original)
  • Card issuance request
How can you get a debit card?

Come to any branch with a valid ID card and sign a card application. Within a few days, you will be informed via SMS about the delivery of your card to the branch


Fill in the online form, then come to the branch of your choice and sign the necessary documents. Within a few days, you will be informed via SMS about the delivery of your card to the branch.

Useful information, regulations, costs

Information on the conditions for issuing and servicing bank cards (pdf)

Information on the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals

Deposits of individuals are guaranteed up to the coverage level of 100 000 lei.