Social responsibility


The volunteering culture is deeply rooted within the bank, the charity actions and the volunteering being a part of the OTP Bank DNA. The bank staff actively involves in the social initiatives of the community, supporting charitable causes through sport, physical aid and donations, discovering the joy of the good deeds for your neighbor.


A hope given through sport - Hospice of Hope Moldova

The persons passionate by cycling, football or table tennis of the bank combines with pleasure practicing the healthy lifestyle and good deeds by the participation to the Hospice Bike Tour, Hospice Football Cup and the Annual Table Tennis Tournament. The charitable events have the purpose to collect funds for the development of palliative care services in the regions of the Republic of Moldova and providing medical care, social and psycho-emotional assistance for the children and adults who suffers of incurable diseases in terminal phases.  


Chisinau International Marathon  

Every year, the number of the running and h lifestyle adepts is increasing within the bank, forming a community of volunteers who participate to different sport competitions for charitable and social purposes. Starting with the first edition in 2014 year, the marathon team of the bank participates to the Chisinau International Marathon which brings together thousands of sportsmen of over the world. The bank volunteers also supported and other projects for supporting the women who suffer of breast cancer - Run Pink and collection of funds for finalizing the constructions at Tony Hawks Center of Chisinau for children with chronic neuro-muscular, orthopedic, cardio-vascular and respiratory diseases of sociable vulnerable families.   


International Women Club of Moldova (IWCM)

OTP Bank is the partner of IWCM to the charitable event Winter Charity Bazzar, which is organized every year in December month/ the bank volunteers have the opportunity to sell the pastry products and different handmade decorations and the money are donated to the children of the orphanages.