Leasing AGRO from OTP Bank with 0% commissions

Leasing AGRO from OTP Bank with 0% commissions

Do you have a business in agriculture and wonder how you can access state-of-the-art technologies and equipment such as tractors, combines, processing machinery or maybe you want to renew your administrative auto fleet without investing a large amount of your own capital?

By opting for lease financing, you can manage your cash flow more efficiently, have more flexibility in asset management and benefit from significant tax advantages!

Apply now for lease financing from OTP Bank and benefit from:

  • Advantageous interest rates on financing in EUR, USD and MDL
  • Financing term up to 5 years
  • 0% arrangement fee (single leasing interest),
  • 0% administration fee
  • 0% early repayment fee
  • Minimum advance of 20% of the value of the financed asset
  • No additional guarantees
  • Access to lease financing from EBRD EaP SMEC resources with up to 15% grant portion

When it comes to modern agriculture, success is all about technology and efficiency. At OTP Bank, we have the expertise to provide you with financial solutions that make a difference.

Click here, to find out here how you can take advantage of the offer and the benefits of this financial instrument.

The offer is valid until 31.12.2023 and is aimed at businesses in agriculture, forestry or fisheries. The offer is subject to terms and conditions which can be found by consulting the bank’s advisers.

Note: The “0% commission” offer applies to the arrangement fee, early repayment fee administration fee.

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