Lines of credit

Flexible and advantageous financing

of current expenses

Regular and repeated use,

without rigid commitments

Quick approval

and personalized approach

Overcome the difficult moments in the process of developing your business, with simple and reliable solutions. Credit lines are the right products for unexpected expenses, available in MDL or foreign currency, with the possibility of regular and repeated use.

Your advantages

  • Credit lines are granted in MDL, USD or EUR;
  • The maximum limit is set according to personal activities and can be increased as needed;
  • The granting period is of maximum 12 months, with the renewal at maturity, without reimbursement of the amount granted;
  • Interest is calculated only for the term and amounts actually used;
  • Reimbursement is flexible, depending on the seasonality of income (without the application of the reimbursement fee);
  • You can cover the expenses related to the operational activity;
  • You can use the credit line in full or by installments;
  • You can refinance your loans, contracted with other financial institutions on advantageous terms;
  • Flexible approach to guarantees, including the possibility of taking out an unsecured loan;
  • You have a personalized approach and expert advice;
  • The widest range of resources from the funds of International Financial Organizations;
  • You can access the SME guarantee funds.

How can you apply for a credit?

  1. Come to any branch or contact the Call Center at 022 256 456 and request an appointment with an advisor, or
  2. Submit the application online, filling in the contact form.

Eligibility criteria

Legal entities and natural persons, who practice entrepreneurial activity, registered in accordance with the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova, in any organizational-legal form and who have an experience of at least 6 months.

Required documents

  • Identity documents of the administrator and founders
  • Legal documents of the enterprise
  • Other documents, which could be requested by the Bank.

General rates and conditions