BASIC package for SMEs

Only 4.99 Euro per month

Current accounts in MDL and foreign currency*

OTP Internet and Mobile Banking**

Dedicated BASIC package from OTP Bank

The BASIC package for current operations, dedicated to calculated entrepreneurs, helps you easily and worry-free management of the day-to-day operations of your business. Why pay more when you can get the same thing for less?

With only € 4.99 per month you receive a package with everything you need included

  • Current accounts in lei and foreign currency*;
  • OTP Internet and Mobile Banking**;
  • Business cards for national and international use;
  • Payments in lei in favor of other customers of the bank, through OTP Internet and Mobile Banking;
  • Salary transfers for your employees.

Find out more by contacting the personal advisor in the management branch.

Transactions that are not included in the package will be paid separately, according to the fees and commissions in force. See all rates and commissions here.

The offer is dedicated to companies with a turnover of up to 20 million MDL.

How do you access the BASIC package?

If you are a new customer

  1. Come to any branch and become a customer of OTP Bank S.A.
  2. Fill in the documents for opening the first account;
  3. Complete the BASIC package membership application;
  4. Complete the Application for joining the OTP Internet / Mobile Banking Service;
  5. Alte cereri de aderare la produse din cadrul pachetului.

If you are an existing customer

  1. Come to the Management Branch;
  2. Complete the BASIC package membership application;
  3. Fill in the Application for membership/modification*** data at the OTP Internet / Mobile Banking Service:
  4. Other applications for accession / modification given to products in the package***.

Required documents

General rates and conditions


*The option includes: analysis of documents for opening current accounts (in lei and foreign currency) and their monthly service, authentication of the file with specimen signatures and the imprint of the company's stamp.

**The option includes monthly service of bank accounts through the OTP Internet and Mobile Banking service.

***depending on whether or not you are a subscriber to the given products.