Electronic statements

Saving time

without going to the bank

Increased safety

by applying digital signature

ZERO costs

and convenience in use

The current/deposit account statement, in electronic format and with the bank's digital signature, is sent free of charge and automatically by e-mail:

  • Monthly - on the first day of the following reporting month, including signed confirmation documents related to the account transactions.
  • Daily - every day until 12:00 noon You can set up three e-mail addresses for receiving electronic statements for all current/card accounts or for each account individually.

Your advantages

  • You can organise your time efficiently without queuing at the counter
  • You have increased security by using the bank's digital signature and the security password you set yourself
  • You have all the information at your fingertips, as the daily electronic statement is sent together with the related electronic documents: incoming/outgoing payment orders, exchange debit advices, etc.
  • You have convenience of use with ZERO costs
  • The electronic statement has legal value when submitted electronically to third parties (e.g. SFS)

More details

Technical requirements

Technical requirements for setting up the mail server

To receive electronic statements, make sure your email server is set up correctly:

  1. SPF is set correctly
  2. The domain name and IP address of the SMTP servers are not in globally blocked lists (e.g. spamcop, SORBS, etc.)
  3. Domain name *@otpbank.md is added in exceptions to content check and message attachment
  4. The possibility of receiving several messages from *@otpbank.md in a short time is ensured. We recommend that companies that have a group of companies and cannot provide this setting, set the e-mail addresses uniformly in relation to the number of accounts
  5. At the local server level the possibility of receiving 10 Mb letters (maximum possible size of a file with electronic statements, sent by the bank) is ensured

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