Express credit flow

An innovative approach to facilitating timely access to credit resources

Maximum 1 working day

preliminary financing decision

Up to 1 000 000 MDL, without pledge

to finance current activity

Minimum set of required documents

with simplified financial analysis

Are you looking for a reliable partner who will be able to support your business? Are you looking for financial resources to diversify your stocks or make investments?
OTP Bank comes with a new financing concept - the Express lending stream.

The Express Flow is an innovative approach to lending for legal entities with a turnover up to 30 MMDL, which facilitates access to timely credit resources for both financing current activity and investments.

Financing offer under the Express lending flow

Your advantages

  • Fast approval process, giving you a preliminary funding decision in maximum 1 working day;
  • Up to MDL 1 000 000 without pledge, for financing current activity;
  • Minimum set of required documents and simplified financial analysis.

Eligible beneficiaries

Legal entities and individuals who practice entrepreneurial activity, have a company registered in accordance with the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova, under any organizational-legal form, have at least 12 months experience in the activity and have two annual financial statements registered with the NBS.

How can you apply for credit?

Come into any branch or contact the Call Centre on 022 256 456 and ask for an appointment with an advisor.