Responsabilitate socială

OTP Bank 30 years of corporate social responsibility

The mission of OTP Bank is supporting the sustainable development of the society, in becoming a desirable employer and a responsible provider of financial services and all its actions are guided by the quality and the passion for the excellence, ensuring correctness, respect and transparency for all the involved parties. The most devoted ambassadors of the corporate social responsibility policy are the bank employees with a strong volunteering spirit – encouraged and supported by the bank in different projects and social initiatives.

The culture and the arts, the sports and the health, the financial education and the volunteering – are for the 30 years the main directions where the bank concentrates its forces and energy.  

  • Raport de Responsabilitate socială corporativă 2020

    Vă invităm să consultați primul raport de responsabilitate socială (CSR) al OTP Bank, prin care dorim să comunicăm tuturor partenerilor și publicului larg care sunt principiile de activitate și impactul social pe care îl generează.

    Politica CSR a OTP Bank se aliniază strategiei CSR a Grupului OTP, fiind o companie social responsabilă prin sistemul de management solid, gestionarea responsabilă a forței de muncă, participarea activă în viața comunității, conduita etică față de părțile interesate, reducerea impactului asupra mediului, precum si contribuirea la îmbunătățirea și dezvoltarea mediului social-economic al țării.


OTP Bank supports the culture and the arts contributing to the maintenance and development of the Moldovan culture’s values and encouraging the contemporary initiatives. 
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OTP Bank supports the financial education and innovation managing partnerships with different educational institutions and organization of this field.
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OTP Bank upholds projects in the field of healthcare for supporting the patients of our country, especially the suffering children with different deficiencies or which need palliative care, disadvantaged, ill  children, social inclusion of persons with special needs.
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By the initiatives OTP Bank supports, it encourages the population and its staff to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, it promotes both, the sport in air and the movement and the healthcare for each person. 
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The volunteering culture is deeply rooted within the bank, the charity actions and the volunteering being a part of the OTP Bank DNA. The bank staff actively involves in the social initiatives of the community, supporting charitable causes through sport, physical aid and donations, discovering the joy of the good deeds for your neighbor.
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OTP Bank organized and participated to different charity campaigns for supporting the communities and the persons who are in difficult situation. During the time, the bank made several donations for the schools and lyceums of Chisinau and rural areas and before the winter holidays it organizes theatre spectacles with the gifts for the children with Down syndrome, sightless or disadvantaged families.  
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